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afting of the Justice in P●olicing Act of 2020, said in her opening statement that s●he hopes the bill will pass both chambers of Congress and● becomb

e law, so that "we never, ever, ever s6

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ee again what● we saw a few weeks ago." Calling police brutality "an em●barrassment of our nation in front of the entire world," ●Bass said the Unite8

s States, which oftentimes points its A

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●fingers at so-called human rights violations in other cou●ntries, should honor its own commitment to human rights. ●"While we hold up human rights i9

n the world, we obviously● have to ho9


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ld them up in our country." On May 25, George ●Floyd, during the final moments of his life, was put in n●eck restraint for eight minutes and 46 seconds by a white● police officer in Minneapolis, even as he begged for his● life. Derek Chauvin, the now fired officer who kept his ●knee on Floyd's neck, has been jailed and faces murder ch●arges. "I can't tell you the kind of pain youy

feel when y●ou watch something like h


that, when you watch your big bro●ther, who you looked up to your whol2

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